1. Get approval from your organization to host a food drive.
  2. Set up an organizing committee for your food drive.
  3. Sign up your food drive on our website. 
  4. Set a goal to keep your team motivated. 
  5. Track progress towards your goal.
  6. Promote your drive by using emails, Facebook, Twitter and flyers. 

Food is and always will be our greatest need at the Food Cupboard. The majority of the food that we give out to our clients comes from food drives run by individuals, schools, religious organizations, clubs, civic groups and businesses. These food collections are essential to keeping our doors open and our shelves stocked. Please consider doing a food drive to help us help others in our community. 

If you want to hold a FOOD DRIVE, fill out the form below and a Food Drive representative will contact you.
We can help you advertise, set up a drop-off time, or pick up the food if needed.

Hold a Food Drive

Food drive Signup Form

Collect Food



You can email any questions you might have about Food Drives to food15@hsfoodcupboard.org.